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Mystical Sufi Weekend 2023


Returning to Love  


The skills needed to create love and harmony with others are identical to those needed to walk through the higher spiritual stations to “the Unity.”  Cleaning the heart of arrogance, specialness, judgment, anger and fear paves the way for the heart to become the house of God; the abode of politeness, receptivity, forgiveness, peace and compassion. Witnessing the underlying unity of all creation replaces seeing “differences.”
Together we’ll explore deepening the love within our hearts, and community; heal our relationships and move into greater unity with God.  May this be a time of personal renewal, communal joy and tasting the sweetness of divine love.


Amany Shalaby & Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

featuring special time with Camela Widad


Amany Shalaby

Amany Shalaby is the Founder of Universal Chaplaincy, a Member of The Association of Muslim Chaplains and Chaplain for Muslim Women’s Organization. She has eighteen years of experience providing spiritual care for several Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities across the states and She is a faculty member teaching Islamic studies at the University of Sufism.

Amany obtained an ijazah from Sidi Shaikh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal, the Imam for al-Masjid al-Aqsa and the Head of the Sufi Counsel in Jerusalem for thirty years. She served for twelve years as His simultaneous interpreter, and she translated twenty books on Islamic spirituality written by the Shaikh.

She is the author of The Essence of Creation, The Emanation of Consciousness, Hidden Pearls, and is working on an upcoming book, The Seven Levels of Consciousness. She also authored two children’s books published by Richard Ownes Publications Inc.: Goha and His Donkey, and The Little Puffer Fish.


Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a Physician, Sufi Master, and Spiritual Guide (Murshid Murabi Ruhi). As Founder and Chancellor of ISH, UoS and the Ma’rifa Foundation, he is committed to people walking the path of Spiritual Unity and Love. He is author of God’s Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing and creator of the APIIR-TB Divine healing system using the 99 names of God. Through walking with Dr. Jaffe, people experience deep physical and spiritual healing.

Dr. Jaffe’s vision is to bring together the Light of all paths and help the world move to Oneness and Peace. His heart holds the tremendous power of unconditional love and gnostic understanding.

When he isn’t teaching and providing life-changing healings for his clients, he is often found sailing and spending time with his family.


Camela Widad

A mainstay Americana Folk troubadour, Camela Widad is a little bit saintly and a little bit rock and roll. After meeting her spiritual teacher, Sidi Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i, not long after she started as a performing songwriter, her music began weaving the threads of love and hope, knitting together the worlds of the heart and today’s music scene. She calls it ‘Americana for the Dreamers.’

Sidi tasked her with adding teaching to her work in 2008, so she started incorporating sound, voice lessons, and breath work into her workshops, classes, and live shows. With vocals that climb and then dance through subtlety, delivered against a backdrop of organic and stripped-back performances, her music awakens the heart to dream again, to heal, and to return to joy through song.

Whether performing in large music venues, intimate house concerts, or group workshops, and in her private healing practice, Widad is a champion of love for everyone she meets.



The Writing Barn

Situated on a 7.5 wooded acre homestead, The Writing Barn is a book lover’s haven. Whether retreating at the Book House, The Cabin, or attending one of the many events and workshops held at The Writing Barn, you will have every opportunity to retreat, create and celebrate.

With floor to ceiling bookshelves, rows of instructional craft books, free wi-fi, and no television, The Writing Barn and its grounds are a quiet and quaint spot for rest and relaxation within 20 minutes of downtown Austin. For more information and directions, go to


$250.00 for the weekend; $100.00/per day. No one will be turned away for an inability to pay; heart-based donations are welcome.

Insha’Allah, video-conferencing will be provided (for those who cannot join in person). A Zoom link will be emailed only to those who have registered.

Mystical Sufi Weekend 2023


The Writing Barn

10202 Wommack Rd, Austin, TX 78748

“Buddha Hall + Lotus Room”

*On-site overnight accommodations are full — please use AirBnB, VRBO or consider the Aloft and Holiday Inn hotels that are nearby

Please kindly note our COVID-19 protocol details prior to registering. 


No one will be turned away for an inability to pay … and heartfelt donations are always welcome!


2023 MSW Registration


PLEASE NOTE: Our intention is to maintain/promote a healthy environment and prevent possible spread of COVID-19.  

*Masks are optional during this retreat*

Regardless of vaccination status, all guests are asked to attend remotely if you have any suspicious symptoms
Thank you for taking the necessary steps needed to make this gathering possible and protecting yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.



If you’d like to participate in any capacity, please let us know: mmoosams ~ at ~ yahoo.com


Service is a jewel from Allah and insha’Allah, a means of barakah. 


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Shadhiliyya Sufi Principles

Shadhiliyya Sufism

Shadhiliyya Sufism is a deep way based on the teachings of all the prophets. Centered on Peace, Love, Justice and Freedom, our branch in the U.S. has helped thousands reach their spiritual potential.

About the Guide

Spiritual Guide

We follow the Guidance of one of the World’s Great Sufi Masters, the late Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal, formerly Head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. This is a rare and unique opportunity to study the teachings of a renowned Sufi Master.


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We are thankful to have so many beautiful teachers who care for us and whom we love. Here are just a few: Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., Salima Adelstein, M Ed, DD, ‘Aisha Cotten, Dr. Wadude and Nura Laird, Amina al-Jamal, Sa’ida Sikes, ‘Alima and Mohamed Moosa, and many other wonderful teachers from around the country and the Austin area.

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We have ongoing events here in Austin. Please see our Events page for an explanation of activities. This spiritual path is open to all. We would love to meet you!