Who are the Sufis?

Who are the Sufis?

What is Sufism?

Sufism is an ancient, practical, and effective school of mysticism based on the teachings of the Prophets.
Its goal is to help the seeker become established in a permanent state of witnessing the Divine in creation.
God-realization is the goal of many a spiritual path. In Sufism, we walk this journey by traveling through
deeper and deeper states of love.

The Shadhiliyya Branch

Our particular school of Sufism is known as the Shadhiliyya. It is one of the oldest and most respected
schools. For over 700 years, an unbroken line of distinguished masters have protected the teaching and
continued to make it available through today. Shadhiliyya Sufism stresses a direct relationship between
us and God, continuing to work in society, and becoming leaders for good in our communities. Shadhiliyya
Sufis use recitation, group practices and a close relationship with a spiritual Guide in order to bring
about the desired spiritual growth in ourselves.

How did it find it’s way to Texas?

In 1994, an extraordinary Sufi master from Jerusalem came to the U.S. in order to bring this holy teaching
to greater numbers of people in America. The arrival of this holy master has led to thousands of new
practitioners. We are proud to continue to offer the opportunity to study with Sidi Shaykh Muhammed
Sa’id al-Jamal, a Sufi master of masters.

Sidi’s entire life has been dedicated to Sufism. He was raised in a Sufi community where his grandfather
was a renowned Shaykh. Certified by his third teacher as having completed the Way while still in his mid-
twenties, he has been teaching for over forty years and has tens of thousands of students worldwide. Sidi
is also extremely knowledgeable in the Islamic sciences, and in herbal and natural medicine.