Sufi Principles

Sufi Principles

Complete Rainbow

Tempering of the Ego

Sufism is a Way to God-Realization, the
experience of peace, joy and satisfaction in
the heart, through surrender to Divine Love.
Sufis extinguish themselves in their love for
the Divine. This is not a loss but a rebirth of
one’s true self in God.


Dhikr, or the remembrance, is our essential
and foundational practice. It consists of
simply remembering Allah (the Arabic word
for God) usually by repetition of The Name
of God or The Divine Qualities.

Walking the Path

The Sufi path is about a direct relationship
with the Divine. The practices are designed
to carry the traveler through the stations of
the self, heart, soul, and secret.


If you are serious about spiritual growth and
are intrigued by Sufism’s love for the heart and
passion for the Divine, please come meet us and
find out more. We look forward to meeting you!

Divine in the Daily Life

We teach you how to grow through everyday   experiences and how to use these experiences
to support your spiritual walking.